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GE Fish

Some genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) Atlantic salmon is now being sold in Canada, without labelling. This is the world’s first-ever genetically engineered food animal. The GM salmon are now in production at an on-land plant in PEI and a plant in Indiana,US. The first Canadian-produced GM fish from PEI is expected on the market in early January 2021. If GM salmon escape into the wild, they will put the future of wild Atlantic salmon populations at risk. Click here for more information.

Take Action

Ask your grocery storeGuide graphic


In 2017, all the major grocery chains in Canada said that they “have no plans” to sell the GM fish. Is this still the case? Write to your grocery store today to ask them if they will keep the GM salmon out of the seafood counter and off the shelves. Click here for contacts.

Ask your restaurant

Your restaurant could be serving GM salmon. Click here for some information and tips to write your letter today.

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